Telemecanique GV2ME08 Manual Starter and Protector with push button design and an adjustable thermal trip setting from 2.5A-4A

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The GV family of products are 3-pole, horsepower rated, UL 508 listed, manual starters. They include a manual disconnect, class 10 ambient-compensated thermal overload relay, and an instantaneous magnetic trip mechanism in one compact unit.

Any GV manual starter can be used alone for local manual control of a motor with individual full-load currents up to 220 amps. The GV family of products may also be used in group motor installations in accordance with National Electric Code article 430-53. Group motor installations give you greater panel density for smaller size and require fewer parts and less wiring necessary for installation when compared to conventional panel designs.

The GV2P and GV3P products also have an additional UL 508 type E rating as a stand alone self-protected manual combination starter. The UL 508 type E rating requires the addition of line side insulating barrier GV2GH7 for the GV2P or part number GV3G66 for the GV3P. The GV2P and the GV3P self-protected manual combination starter may also be combined with specific size contactors from the LC1D product family for a UL 508 Type F combination starter construction. These products have UL-listed short circuit current rating from 10–100 KA depending on application size and voltage.